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mfdanko99 01-19-2019 03:42 PM

Hocking River Review
In September of 2018 Jessica & I traveled to Hocking Hills Ohio to Hike & Paddle.

We did two different sections of the Hocking River.
First Trip 9-18-18
USGS Enterprise Gauge 1.80 ft 350 CFS

We used the Original Hocking Hills Adventures Canoe Livery for our shuttle.
Picked the 9 mile trip that took us up river of Logan, OH
It was actually 7.7 miles by my GPS

Over all a nice trip. The first 5 miles has a nice current and little riffles. Many turns that made me think of the upper Shenango river. In that section we were able to get out and have a short walk to the Rock Bridge.
The last 2.8 miles is dead flat water, but very pretty scenery. The whole time you are very close to Highway 33 as it runs parallel with the river.

Second Trip 9-19-18

USGS Enterprise Gauge 1.14 ft 184 CFS
USGS Athens Gauge 4.3 ft 550 CFS
CFS at Murry's Landing 459 CFS

We used Murry's Landing Livery in Nelsonville, OH.
Picked the 7 miles trip that took us up river from Nelsonville.
This section is down river of Logan, OH

Over all a good trip.
The mileage was right on at 7 miles with good current and lots of little riffles. The way the shoreline was and all the sand barges it reminded me of the Cuyahoga River near Peninsula, OH
I really enjoyed this section more than the upper. Murry's Landing is a lot easier to work with and a lot cheaper for a shuttle service.

For the Nelsonville section of the river they take both gauges (Enterprise & Athens) and add the cfs together and divide by 2. That is how they gauge this section. They have a chart on there website of levels and what to expect and what is allowed at each level.

We also stopped downtown Logan to run the only main rapid on the hocking river. It is classified as a Class II+ to local paddlers.

My You Tube video of logan rapid


brucea 01-20-2019 04:11 PM

Thanks for posting Mike. Sounds like a great trip. You did a great job in the canoe. See you at the planning meeting.


JPTolson 01-20-2019 05:45 PM

Nice Boat Control!
Agree with Bruce. Good boat control to eddy out mid-rapid and then peel out to finish. Sweet! Really enjoyed seeing it from two perspectives and the slow motion.

richpinky 01-24-2019 05:18 PM

You know it is a fun run when your bow rope waves at you !

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