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MikeJ 09-04-2017 07:40 PM

PSA Waste along Struthers section of the Mahoning
Cross posting this from the Friends of the Mahoning River page. As of right now it's still pending over there, but when it goes up you can see some pictures of the area.

"PSA, the south bank before the Struthers dam is filled with a thick oily sludge. It is masked by a layer of dirt and appeared to be solid riverbed. It even felt solid when I stepped out of my boat, then I sunk up to my knees. The bank looks like a great place to pull out and check the dam so be careful. I found many spots along a roughly 50 yard area of the bank were similarly affected.
It took an hour to get it off my legs with a bottle of Dawn and I haven't even started cleaning my gear yet. Whatever it is, it is very irritating to the skin. Be safe and get the word out!
Also, there was a log partially blocking the dam on the right, which I believe is the section most people use."

Hopefully no one else has to go through this.

mfdanko99 09-13-2017 08:25 PM

Went through the dam last week and it was just fine. I got out and no problems. At the bank there still is oil when you step in and sink in. On the surface it was fine. Going down river: river right chute 1 is open and chute 3. Far left last chute is open. Chute 2 has a tree in it, I was able to move to a 45 degree angle in hopes it will wash out. Mike

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