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Talking TCT Memories

April is usually a great month for club trips, but this year has been tough. Jessica and myself got a great paddle on Conneaut Creek in.

I was at work today and was remembering some of the club trips. The ones you will never forget about!!!!

1-This will always be the best paddle ever, the 2011 Beaver Creek trip. We paddled it at 8.7ft the highest I have ever done it. The best whitewater trip I have ever done. I did some swimming and rescuing YSU students with other club members (JP & Jonathan come to mind).
My biggest memory of the trip was at Eagle Rapid and getting in the middle of a haystack wave and turning around and seeing the bottom ( I mean the BOTTOM!!) of JP’s Canoe as he was coming off of that wave and thinking paddle faster. (only if I had my go pro back then)

2- Was my first time meeting the club was during the club picnic. I was doing a solo paddle from the Labrae Ball fields (before Swift Park was around) to canoe city. I came around the bend were eagle creek meets the Mahoning and all I saw was a wall of canoes and kayaks. Everyone was so friendly and invited me back to canoe city for a great meal and became a member that day.

3-2008 was my first chili chilly paddle, first time paddling in December. Lots of great chili chilly paddles from upper 60 degree’s in 2015 to a good snow storm in 2016

4- Paddling at night! This was completely new to me and I love it. We use to launch at Point Park and go up river on Lake Milton. My first one It stormed really bad as we gathered and was about to leave when it stopped raining and enjoyed a great paddle.
The other great night club paddle was my first lighting bug paddle on Lake Newport.
Both of those events hold a special place in my heart. Both events in later years were a first paddle at night in a canoe with Jessica.
At Lighting Bug run we SMASHED into a rock after we turned around at shields road to head back through the only ripple and laughed nonstop about it.
Then at the moonlight paddle with Jessica and Tori in the canoe was a blast. Watching Tori trying to figure out what we were doing was so funny to me.

5- 2014 Allegheny River at Tionesta Camping. Near the end of the trip there is a big wave train. Everyone else went right and Jessica & myself hit it straight on and got swept off our seats as the front of the old aluminum canoe got ripped apart. Soon after another group who saw us; did the same thing with the same fate.
As my little buddy Allan says that was the day Jessica broke the boat :)
We were able to repair it with duct tape, zip screws and wire and still made a 9 mile trip on Sunday down the Tionesta creek.

So many other memories of great paddles of the past, but those stick out in my mind the most.
Looking forward to making many more memories with the club!!!

How to hear about your memories
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