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Default Thanks !

I appreciate the Lifetime membership in TCT. Still follow your exploits here and with the newsletter. While my health has improved, it won't permit participation. Paddling is still a snap. Its the rest of the sport thats the problem. Went down to Dick's recently for their kayak sale ( I was in passion, lol) and tried getting into and out of a kayak. Still much of a struggle with the arthritis, not to mention the loading and unloading. A lighter boat helps but nothing changes getting my 200 lbs in and out of a kayak, lol. So I must be content to watch.

Thrilled with the success of the club with huge turnouts. I still remember the old days struggling to get a handful to show up for a paddle, especially if bad weather or cold temps. Foxburg was always one of my favorites. And I enjoy seeing the pics of your trips. Always brings back good memories.

Much success in the years ahead.


P.S. -- great job, Mike
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