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Thanks to Cheryl and Ken for organizing a great paddle.
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So much fun! Thanks for all the work you did putting this together!
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Default review

Many thanks to Ken & Cheryl for there work and time on putting a new spin to a paddle event.
We had a total of 16 paddlers (12 kayaks & 2 Canoe's)
They came up with a list of things to look for and had it mapped out and planned very well. We broke in to teams and all went looking for items on the list that you might find or miss (water Beacon) on the reservoir. I belief team 2 won in a overtime trivial contest.
We spent a total of one & half hours on the hunt and two team found 28 items and the others were at 26 items.
After the paddle some headed to dinner or home, but a small group of 7 went back out and paddled up to the tunnels on the reservoir where it turns into Deer Creek. They are so pretty and fun to paddle through. I know It was Tom and Darla's first time seeing them.
A great day with nice temps and a nice breeze to help cool us off.
I even heard ken say he spotted a water buffalo, but I didn't see it :)
Total paddle distance for Jessica and myself was 6.26 miles.
Thank you again to Ken and Cheryl

Mahoning River-Home of the Trumbull Canoe Trails 1975-2019 44 years
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Default a few photos added

It was nice to have a good turnout for the Scavenger Paddle at Deer Creek Reservoir. We had 14 contestants split into 4 teams. K & C paddled around to the groups to see how things were going but they were doing well, scratching off the items on the list as the members located them. After 1-1/2 hour we all returned to the launch for the tally. I was surprised to see how well everyone had done. There were 33 items on the scorecard. Two groups had 26 found items and two had 28 items. I thought I was prepared with some tie-breaker questions that I had gotten off of ODNR's website but then we had folks from PA so those questions were hardly fair. The tie was broken by guessing Ken's shoe size. The winner was the team of Darla, Tom and Sue and they were awarded with a new sponge to keep their boats nice and clean (and we all know how us TCT members are sticklers for keeping our boats clean!)

Items that were not easily found were water snakes -4 (no one saw one), animal tracks -3, turtle -3, beaver signs -3, dead fish -3, frog -3. Of note was that only one group failed to spot the "beacon" out in open water.

After the contest a small group of us went back out for a pleastant paddle up to the tunnels where Deer Creek enters the lake. There is almost always a good play of light there. It's always fun to take first time "explorers" up to that hidden spot. By the time we returned the lake had calmed to be smooth and refllective. So ended another great day on the water.

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