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Default Sit on top

I will be there with my sit on top for the public to try. I can shadow in my sit in kayak. I also have 2 PFD's and lots of Sunscreen!
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Talking Trip Report

What a great day for TCT. I was so happy to see so many members show up and offer so much help this year.
I never got a count of how many members we had there or a chance to thank everyone in person. Thank you to all members.
It was great to see 6 canoes offering rides, JP, Ed R, Ron, Ken, Rich, & myself
We had 3 tandem kayaks, Steve P, Mark V, & Ed H.
Mary K, Eric, Janice, Mark, Jessica, Kristin, Mark M and others were taking care of the kayak rides.
On the dock I saw Jessica, Bob D, Bob K, & Mark M.
As for the other station I am not sure who all was there since I was on the water. From what I remember seeing Patty, Sue, Jodi, Judy, Mark, Wayne, Kathie, Linda & many others
Again thank you to all.
TCT gave 200 Canoe & Kayak rides, but one ride was so special and shocking to see. JP took Bob K for a canoe ride and I almost fell over. For those who don’t know many of us raze each other between canoes and kayaks but Bob really nails us canoeist. But Bob still got the last laugh as he brought blue rubber glove to protect his hands from a nice T grip canoe paddle.
That truly topped off a great day at river fest.
Bob K also did a really nice interview for channels 33 & 27.
Mike Danko
Mahoning River-Home of the Trumbull Canoe Trails 1975-2018 43 years
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Default Riverfest 2017 Statistics

Riverfest 2017 Statistics

When I boarded my canoe the first thing I noticed was the current...there was more of it than the 2016 Riverfest. Although we could paddle against the flow it definately took more effort. I found that out quickly as my first three (double) passengers did very little or no paddling. As I came back to the dock I heard a couple of other members muttering about the current as they started upstream. I was grateful for our dock workers that were sorting out who would get in my boat and asked if I could take two passengers or just one. A couple of hours later I started to say that for two people someone HAD to paddle.

My missed opportunity was a couple that were paddlers. As we left the dock the gal in the middle said that her and her husband would have been happy to BOTH paddle but she didn't know if we would have allowed that. Dang! We were already moving.

I think the club does a great job of organizing this event. I really appreciate other members that offered water or offered to go get me food if I wanted. And help carrying my 80# canoe around.

I ran my GPS so I can count my trips up and back. This year I logged in 10 trips up and back. With a bit of manuvering that was about 6.6 miles for the day. I expect the other paddlers did about the same. The distance up to the rapids and back is .63 miles. Multiply that by 200 passengers!

So... Was there really more current?

2016-6-4 Riverfest = 404 cfs 1.59 ft gage
2017-6-3 Riverfest = 904 cfs 2.30 ft gage

That's .71 foot or 8.5 inches more water! No wonder we were all tired at the end of the day.

Ken Mozden
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Interesting stats, Ken. Thanks for the data.

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