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BOBK 07-24-2020 05:10 PM

Grand River Paddle Zero
I am considering a paddle on the Grand River in a week or two and would appreciate some helpful information. What is paddle zero for the Grand? I plan on a quick 6 mile trip from Hidden Valley to Blair Rd. Park utilizing my bike for the shuttle. If anyone has done this before please let me know if River Rd. is too much of a hazard for a bike. About 5 miles of the 6 mile bike ride will be on River Rd. Thanks

KenM 07-24-2020 10:00 PM

bumping rocks
On the weekend of 5-1-14 we did a 29 mile overnight starting at Harpersfield Bridge. Gage was 1.76 to 1.72 ft.

We had rented canoes and camping gear so canoes were loaded. We walked beside boats a few places but IF you hit the correct channel you made it through ok. Definately about as low as you want, but, we did get in 14 miles the first day.

It was so low the Grand River Livery gave us his oldest canoes. Ha. The thing I really remember about that trip was that Cheryl and I were the last boat to launch. We just turned downstream to see another couple standing beside their canoe in ankle deep water! I expected trouble but we had a good trip.


ps... While we made it at this low water level I was glad we had a rented

JPTolson 07-25-2020 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by BOBK (Post 6016)
What is paddle zero for the Grand? I plan on a quick 6 mile trip from Hidden Valley to Blair Rd.

On a club trip on April 15, 2012, from Harpersfield to Hidden Valley, the Painesville gage was 1.84. My notes said this was approaching paddle zero for that section of the river, but obviously Kenís and Cherylís experience put paddle zero below this. Rich Klasen would probably be most knowledgeable on paddle zero and the safety of biking the shuttle route.

mfdanko99 07-25-2020 10:04 AM

My paddle zero on usgs gauge is 2.25 ft
On average, if that is 2 .25ft on average it could be a foot lower at the 528 bridge hidden valley park.
You will bump and scrape, but make it with correct lines

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