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BOBK 06-13-2022 09:04 AM

No New Members at Riverfest
The Riverfest boat rides were a success as usual, but nearly didn't happen. Why? Because no new members made the effort to help out. All ten volunteers at Riverfest were longtime members. Eight of the ten longtime members that manned the stations and the boats were over age 60. They hauled in tents and boats and brochures and chairs and PFD's from Salem, Columbiana, Hubbard, Champion, and Mercer. Thank you.

If not for the Friends of the Mahoning River assisting people in and out of the Kayak and canoes on the dock we would not have had enough TCT volunteers to man all the stations needed to insure that this was a safe and enjoyable event.
It is easy to sit back and enjoy a trip or event that another member does all the planning for. It is time for newer members to step up and help out.
Thanks to the several new members who have stepped up to plan and lead trips this year.

mikenewberry 06-16-2022 10:07 PM

You shouldn't try to put people on blast like that. You don't know what people had going on. Your going to discourage new members from participating in anything. Look at the boat counts there hasn't been many people making to the floats as is. All I'm saying is there was a better way to say what you said.

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