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Default Ashtabula River Review

The river god must have been on my side for once. I had Saturday Nov 28th off and got up and checked river levels.
I found Conneaut Creek at 2.98 ft. If I do the math right that means Ashtabula River should be runnable.
I packed up fast I as I could and headed north as Jessica was busy with Tori at agility.
I found Dewy Rd Gauge just below 1ft. On the low side but doable. I was so fired up since I haven't been on this river since 2018.
I had a friend run my shuttle and launched from Green Hill Rd bridge.
I took off like I do in my kayak going 90mph like my hair is on fire as I was so pumped up.
I ate a humble pie really quick as I flipped on the 3rd ledge drop which is a 2 ft drop.
Thank god for my air bags in the canoe as it kept it from filling up and easy to recover and get reorganized.
Once I got my head screwed on right and realized I have to think this river different than normal as I am solo canoeing & not in a whitewater kayak.

I finally started to do thing right and slow down and really read the water and lines for the other ledge drops. I slowed down in the rapids to keep better control of the canoe and make better decision as river levels were low down river.
I got out a scouted the the Ashtabula Water Slide and Dewy Rd Rapid.
Ashtabula water slide is a 5 ft slide and Dewey Rd Rapid is about a 4 or 5 foot drop/waterfall. I made both with no problems.
After that the river offers nonstop wave trains and rapid all the way to the haddock rd ford. I use to take out there for a short trip, but with the new bridge and they fenced it off like Fort Knox so know one can get to the river I portaged the ford.
The second half of the river is offers a lot of wave trains and rapids but a little more spaced out.
During this trip I had to use all of my stokes and even did a box stroke to spin the canoe as I got side ways on wave roughly were JP did during whitewater Weekend ( thanks to Bill Mason video's)
Over all a GREAT paddle on my favorite whitewater river.

Total Mileage 8
Total timed paddle 2hr & 15 Minutes
Average pace 3.8 mph

One I can get to my dad's computer I will edit my video and post on you tube.
PS-thank you JP as all of your help came in hand on this trip!!!
Mahoning River-Home of the Trumbull Canoe Trails 1975-2021 46 years
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What to go !
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Sounds like a great paddle! Being unfamiliar with air bags in a canoe, I did a bit of research on the interwebs and found an interesting item. On a site called Boat Operators Guide to Useful Synonyms, a canoe filled with air bags or float bags is commonly called a "Kayak Wannabe". Those desiring to confirm this can simply type in a shorthand version of the referenced website....BOGUS.
<IIOX> KAYAK - Backwards or forwards, the only way to paddle.

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Sounds like a great run on a beautiful whitewater stream. Glad you were able to slow it down, scout, and read the lines. Eight miles in 2:15 with one spill, two scouting breaks, and carrying the ford is moving! Hope we can schedule it for a future club trip. If there will be enough kayak rescue vessels, maybe we can even convince BobK to come along!

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